Human Geography Data and Analytics

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The origin of our technology is our expertise. GSI provides an unparalleled understanding of the intricate relationships between people, groups, and their locations using an interoperable cloud-based platform, Human Atlas®, and the following services:


Dynamic geospatial content is generated to capture, manage, analyze, display, and improve analytics-based decision-making.


Foster cultural understanding, goodwill, and on the ground decision making capabilities with the help of expert-level linguists across thirty unique languages.


Sociocultural experts guide, collect, and analyze critical data to generate vital insights into societal structures and human relation-ships, so that business and security can be conducted on a global scale.


GSI leverages its Human Geography content to support customer understanding of people, groups, their locations, and relationships for enhanced real time decision-making capabilities.


GSI is the premier provider of innovative Human Geography services, enabling complex analysis from high-fidelity foundation content enriched with temporal and external information in a data model to support knowledge and understanding for multiple customers and organizations. Our products are available through our customized interface, mobile apps, and REST based APIs.

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ethnic, linguistic, religious, and organizational relationships.