gsi services

GSI Data and Analytics-as-a-Service provide customers with the ability to understand and decipher pressing challenges across the globe, where language, culture, and geography shape activity and risk.

In addition to our technical solutions, GSI provides consulting services which allow our customers to succeed in the following areas:


GSI empowers professionals in the government, not-for-profit, and commercial sectors to understand on-going and future security risks. From people to physical assets, threats near and far, GSI helps its customers improve decision-making to safeguard assets and resources.


GSI helps organizations understand cultural and societal influences operating within and around their organizations. From government operations to commercial endeavors in high risk environments, GSI allows organizations to understand activities around their primary area of operations.


Today's communications are borderless. Connecting online communication to the offline footprint of people and groups is critical. GSI helps organizations understand audience and key influencers in order to design or shape messaging strategies.


Development professionals need to build local and regional trust and partnerships to succeed. Our solutions identify culturally significant location names, administrative boundaries information, and key stakeholders, facilitating program implementation throughout the full program life-cycle, in addition to patterns and trends recognition resulting in global predictors for risk mitigation and planning.